Board of Directors

RNA Officers

  • President, Michelle Thoman, cell 513-926-2156

  • Vice President, Jennifer Donaldson, cell 513-926-2161 or 513-368-6042

  •  Acting Vice President, Tina Arrona, cell 361-834-6786
  • Secretary, Kelly Hickman Begley, cell 513-748-6246

  • Treasurer, Maria Caldwell, cell 513-926-2160

Board of Directors

Two Year Term

  • Ryan Ferris- AirCare Flight Nurse
  • Andrea Hale- Dialysis
  • Joey Simri- SICU

One Year Term

  • Jen Hunt- Endoscopy
  • Cheryl Wigner- Holmes Operating Room

ONA Important Numbers

  • ONA Labor Relations Specialist, Dominic Mendiola, office 614-352-4338
  • ONA Organizer, Liliana Castillo, office 614-448-1020
  • AFT Organizer, Eric Lehto, office 612-968-0818
  • ONA Membership/DuesRobin Smith, office 614-448-1057
  • ONA Membership/Dues, Sandra Poe, office 614-448-1032

RNA History

The decision to organize was made on April 23, 1973.  The RNA continues the purpose of those nurses in 1973 who took the chance and made the working conditions better at General Hospital.

RNA Officer Position Descriptions

RNA Officer Elections