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Bylaws Committee:

The Bylaws Committee shall receive any proposed amendments to the Local Bargaining Unit bylaws. The Committee shall review shall submit such amendments with recommendations for action to the voting body of the unit.

Nomination Committee:

The Nomination Committee shall prepare a ticket consisting of one or more nominees for each office to be filled.  The ticket shall be presented to members of the unit at least three weeks prior to the election.  No name shall be presented at the nominations meeting, either by the Nominating Committee or from the floor, unless the nominee has consented to serve if elected.

Labor Management Committee:

The Labor Management Committee’s mission is to cooperate on matters of mutual interest to promote quality patient care and to create a more satisfying and productive work place.

Negotiating Committee :

The Negotiating Committee shall develop contract proposals and shall represent RNA during contract negotiations with UCMC. The Negotiating Committee shall consist of a minimum of 12 members or 0.8% of the bargaining unit, whichever is greater, with at least eight (8) bargaining unit members that do not hold an RNA officer position and four (4) executive officers. The committee shall solicit input from members for the purpose of developing contract proposals; assist and advise ONA staff in negotiating the contract. The committee shall function in accordance with the ONA bylaws and E&GW Commission and abide by all policies, procedures and applicable laws.

Grievance Committee:

The Grievance Committee shall receive written documented grievances from nurses covered by the Agreement, investigate all submitted grievances, and use and participate in procedures for solution of grievances.  This committee is responsible for seeing that the terms of the Agreement are enforced.

Orientation Committee/New Member:

Orientation/New Member Committee shall be chaired by the Secretary and provide RNA/ONA information to new members of the bargaining unit; update and maintain list of new members; follow up with newly hired members after their probationary period to provide information, respond to questions and involve new members; foster relationship between all members of the bargaining unit in order to strengthen participation in RNA.

Issue Campaigns Committee:

The Issue Campaigns Committee (ICC) will review issues and concerns that occur within RNA.  The ICC will build campaigns around these issues and concerns.

Internal Organizing Committee:

(a) Build relationships with bargaining unit members and advise members on issues pertaining to RNA and the collective bargaining agreement;

(b) Serve as a liaison between the union and members, management and the general public as a source of information of union activities, events and issue advocacy agenda;

(c) Conduct member outreach, recruitment and advocate to members issues of concern, encourage participation in the union and nominate bargaining unit representatives;

(d) Participate in issue advocacy and contract campaign prior to collective bargaining negotiations;

(e) Be adequately and properly trained in all of the above.  This shall be achieved through completion of provided trainings and attendance to at least two (2) of four (4) RNA quarterly meetings.

 All committees shall present business of committee at BOD meetings. If at any time a Committee does not have enough members to be considered a functional Committee, BOD members shall be appointed by the EBOD to carry out the duties of these Committees.