Assignment Despite Objection

Documenting an unsafe, inadequate or contract violating situation in 2 easy steps:

Step 1: Verbally protest your assignment to your manager when the situation is inadequate or unsafe.

Step 2: If the situation does not resolve, fill out the Assignment Despite Objection (ADO).


The Assignment Despite Objection (ADO) form was created by the nurses of University Hospital and is a national model for documentation of practices which may be unsafe for staff or patients.

ADO is not a tool of punishment. It is a form for documentation and tracking of potentially unsafe conditions. A registered nurse receiving an assignment that in her/his professional judgment place patient(s) or themselves at risk has an obligation to take action. Acting in the interest of patients, the nurse should promptly notify her/his supervisor that because of inadequate staffing, the quality of care and the safety of patients and nurses have been jeopardized. The Ohio Nurse Practice Act and the ANA Code for Nurses hold the nurse responsible and accountable to her/his patients for the nursing care provided. However, responsibility and accountability for the level of care also resides with the Hospital, including both Hospital and nursing administrative staff, which is why nurses have a duty to raise objection to unsafe or inadequate assignments.