Assignment Despite Objection forms are only effective if you notify your supervisor for help as soon as you realize the problem.

Don’t use the form if you have failed to notify your supervisor in person or by phone of your need. This form is to document your request. If you didn’t make the request, you can’t use it. Contact the RNA office if you need more forms.

The Assignment Despite Objection (ADO) form was created by the nurses of University Hospital and is a national model for documentation of practices which may be unsafe for staff or patients.

ADO is not a tool of punishment. It is a form for documentation and tracking of potentially unsafe conditions. Use of the ADO does not exonerate the nurse from liability or responsibility, but does shift the burden to the hospital. The Ohio Nurse Practice Act and the American Nurses Association Code for Nurses hold the nurse responsible and accountable for patient’s nursing care. However, the hospital and nursing administration staff are also accountable and responsible for level of care provided.