Grievances are heard the first and fourth Tuesday of the month.  Once we are notified of the grievances to be heard, we notify grievant by phone or email, depending upon the time available.

Need to file a grievance? Click and print the Grievance Form below and fax to the RNA office at 584-1105. We will take it from there.

        Grievance Worksheet

        Grievance PDF Form Fill Form

Below is an overview of the grievance process.  Questions? Call the RNA office at 584-1171.

Grievance Process:

The Grievance Procedure is detailed in Article 8 of the current contract. Please refer to the contract book for the explicit details. The following is a brief overview of the steps in a Grievance.

A Grievance is a dispute between the Hospital and the Ohio Nurses Association (ONA) or between the Hospital and a nurse. All grievances must concern a violation of a specific part of the current contract. Areas not covered by the contract cannot be grieved. When a dispute regarding the contract occurs, the nurse is encouraged to speak with their nursing leader and/or an ONA/RNA representative. If resolution does not follow the informal discussion, a grievance can be filed.

Any grievance involving reduction, demotion, decision making leave, suspension or dismissal, or loss of vacation will be initiated at Step 2. Other corrective action grievances will be initiated at Step 1.

Step 1. RNA leadership is called with the dispute and the area of contract violation. The suspected violation will be put in writing and the nurse will meet with his or her RNA representative and immediate supervisor and/or HR personnel.

It is important to note that any dispute related to economic benefits or seniority must be filed within 14 days after the nurse should have knowledge of the event. The above sentence is important because if a nurse has a dispute regarding rate of pay and files a grievance 3 months after the event occurred, the grievance cannot be filed. It is the responsibility of the membership to know what one’s economic benefits are and if there are any questions, then seek for answers in a timely manner.

An answer from the nursing leader or HR personnel regarding the grievance will be forthcoming within 14 days. Copies of the decision will be provided to the nurse and RNA.

Step 2. If the grievance was not resolved to the nurse and RNA’s satisfaction, the procedure continues with Step 2. A meeting with HR and a member of the Nurse Executive Leadership or HR Leader (not involved in Step 1), RNA and ONA representatives and the nurse is held to discuss and attempt to resolve the grievance. Within 14 days, a written answer is emailed to the RNA President and VP and ONA. Grievance meetings are held every third Monday of the month.

Step 3. If the grievance is not satisfactorily resolved during Step 2, the dispute may be presented to an impartial mediator from Federal Mediation and Conciliation Services within 15 days of receiving the answer to Step 2. If mediation does not resolve the dispute, arbitration follows. Step 3 does not always occur, as arbitration (Step 4) may immediately follow Step 2.

The Difference between Mediation and Arbitration

Mediation uses a neutral third party to listen objectively to the dispute; the goal being for the two parties to reach a mutual solution. The mediator may meet with the parties separately and together. During mediation, the mediator can render opinions, but they are not legally binding. In order to settle a dispute in mediation, both parties must sign a settlement agreement.

Arbitration is more formal than mediation. Arbitration is much more like a court proceeding, with the arbitrator being a legal professional. During arbitration, the two sides of the dispute present their case to the arbitrator. Attorneys from each side may also question the opposing party. The arbitrator’s decision is legally binding and must be honored by both parties.

Step 4. If a dispute is not solved in Step 2 or 3, arbitration may be requested by either the Hospital or the ONA within 15 days of receipt of the Step 2 answer. An arbitrator is appointed within 30 days after arbitration is invoked. Steps 3 and 4 can and often do occur at the same time. The Hospital and the RNA bear the expense for mediation and/or arbitration equally.